Cooltech the Advanced Fat Freezing Process at Lumiere Dermatology

Cooltech Is The Best & Affordable Option To CoolSculpting (Zeltiq)

So, for the Cooltech process, after the targeted area to be treated has been selected in consultation with your physician, the equipment is positioned on your body and controlled cooling is administered. An applicator and a gel pad are applied to the targeted area. Vacuum applicators that are secured to the treatment area induce and take the tissue into the applicator cap and then the localized fat is sifted and erased.

Unlike Cooltech, CoolSculpting procedure can be a little frosty that can sometimes send you chills while under the treatment as I have heard from many doctors while I was exploring a suitable treatment for me. Monitored cooling is administered by an applicator to freeze the patient’s body where excessive folds of fat are present. Since, it requires controlled cooling, the need for an experienced and skilled dermatologist becomes the pre-requisite to perform the treatment and thankfully, I was in the right hands.


Patients may feel intense cold initially, but within 5-10 minutes the area numbs. For this process a specialist should only be at your priority rather than a technique. We are saying this because no matter how advanced and proven technology you opt for, but if the practitioner only is not well skilled to perform the procedure, the efforts, money and time goes in vain.

Due to the reason that most applicators of Coolsculpting use a vacuum for withdrawing the fatty tissue into the applicator cup, patients may also feel some pinching, pulling, and/or mild jerking.

Not a completely new technology, the Coolsculpting fat-freezing procedure was first discovered realizing that “Fat is more temperature-sensitive than the skin. Fat in the body goes through the cell death procedure before the skin does.”

CoolSculpting is approved by the Food and drug Association (FDA), but lately obtained attention when it was rebranded from minor spot elimination treatment to a noninvasive substitute to liposuction, claiming to draw fat from side stomach, and bra bulge with the beam of a cooling paddle. Does it Sound too good to be true?

Cooltech Can Treat 2 Body Areas With 1 Device at a Times

Patients and physicians are both noticing an obvious distinction when it comes to ultimate results. Cooltech can target two areas with one device simultaneously. Cooltech is an amazing substitute to Zeltiq Coolsculpting, an almost identical fat freezing-based treatment. This is a great benefit of Cooltech versus Coolsculpting, that it can treat 2 areas of your body incorporating the Cooltech dual paddle system, also further making a huge difference within the cost of one session. With 2 handpieces, CoolTech is able to treat twice the area CoolSculpt does with the same amount of time, indicating lesser treatment time and increased comfort for patients, which is of course a huge plus.

Cooltech is Cost-Effective

Other than primarily being the results, competitive pricing plays a crucial role in making a product’s use worthwhile. So, perhaps one of the most alluring advantages we like about CoolTech is the significantly competitive pricing of the treatments. I actually thought I would have robbed if not came to know about Lumiere’s or Cooltech by dr. Kiran, but fortunately ended up saving good amount of money,

While, Coolsculpting devices have remarkably increased the price since they first introduced to the fat reduction cosmetology market, and the consumables have soared up to 40% in the last 2 years, which dermatological centres have had to pass on these increased costs to ultimate buyers, i.e., patients, thus making it irrationally expensive for patients to opt for. CoolTech, on the contrary, have kept their machine and consumable costs at a much more reasonable level, indicating practitioners, the patient and clinic win over when it comes to the price of each treatment.

Cooltech by Cocoon Medical

Cooltech is by brand,Cocoon Medical. Cocoon Medical is well established and reputed in aesthetics technological industry with some of it's most effective and globally used cosmetic treatments and equipments in the market. The brand understands their stuff and it's demand in the market and people’s need to look naturally appealing all throughout without much effort as seen in the effective results of its Cooltech. Coolsculpting is unquestionably from a prestigious brand too, but the standpoint here is that Cooltech being from an equally good brand offering more benefits is a win-win.

Cocoon Medical is centered towards offering the most effective results for the final users, and ensure the doctors and clinics using their cosmetic equipments are some of the most highly trained and acknowledged in the industry. The quickly trending latest device, CoolTech, is no different. Seems like CoolTech fat freezing device is surfacing as the victor when it comes to patient experience, effectiveness, outcomes, affordability and overall product.

Large Number of Satisfied Customers

The effectiveness and technology of CoolSculptin can also not be suspected, but with primarily Cooltech been transpiring as the most competitive price choice for both patients and physicians. Moreover, what makes it even more likeable and reliable to both is that Cooltech fat freezing already has a track record of a million treatments individually in Europe and other parts of the world and have proven to deliver early results that are very promising. The same is heard from other plastic surgeons, dermatologists, practitioners and users as well.

The CoolTech® fat freezing device is also one of only 2 clinically proven fat freezing machines in the market. The advanced and latest CoolTech® fat freezing device is a hands down optimal treatment for reduction of localized fat areas that do not respond to either diet or exercise. CoolTech® has been aimed to permanently destroy between 30% and 40% of the fat cells departing your body with excessive fat and leaving behind new contours. Only 1-3 sessions are required depending on your size, volume and goals.

CoolTech® takes only half the time Coolsculpting® does (Face + Body) and is less than half the cost too. The release of Cocoon’s CoolTech – hit the market in the form of the fat freezing device much later than CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. But the CoolTech “results” and “costing” seems to be cashing on the cosmetology market and patient’s trust.

Is Coolsculpting or Cooltech is a Safe Procedure for Fat Reduction?

CoolSculpting procedure is an amazing fat freezing device and if performed by a skilled practitioner can prove to be miraculous for your body and skin. It's eminence is widely known, but again a technically trained physician is necessitated to derive the best out of it for unbeatable results. It is a non-invasive procedure and there is also no surgical process, no needles involved. It just contours your body by freezing the excess fat away with no downtime.

Before going for a CoolSculpting treatment, it is good to consult your specialist who can provide a clinical recommendation of which areas can be treated, are there any complications involved, or if you have any underlying medical condition, or are on some medicines that play a key role in examining the viability of Coolsculpting fat freezing procedure for individual needs, should be discussed beforehand with the physician. It will allow escaping any risks or unwanted side effects in the future. You will also get the idea about how many treatments you will need, the contoured shape you expect and the results.

CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment is a holistic approach to transform your body, without undergoing a knife, deadly needles, and blood curdling surgeries. You can take it as an alternative to the surgical Liposuction, with a clear difference that CoolSculpting is non-surgical and non-invasive, unlike Lipo. CoolSculpting is a safe procedure as it is non-invasive, but there are still some sorts of side effects linked to it, specifically, when performed abruptly.

In addition to this Cooltech or Cooltech+NYSlim offered by Lumiere Dermatology is better in terms of effectiveness, advancement and price. Cooltech is actually a complete remodeling and there are no serious side effects or risks with its use. It is safe and painless fat reduction procedure. It contains 6 different kinds of hand pieces to target the fat folds, which allows for better precision, safety, while, on the other hand, CoolSculpting has an applicator and a gel pad to move and expel out the excess fat.

Technical Specifications of Cooltech

TheCoolTech equipment provides controlled cooling for the treatment of localized fat deposits. The process includes cooling the tissue using temperatures, which wavers from 3ºC to -8ºC, typically depending on the part of the body, thickness and volume of fat being treated within that area. The temperature also decreased gradually at the beginning of treatment, and increases again steadily while approaching towards the end of treatment.

The CoolTech device comes with a variety of hand pieces (HP) for targeted treatment of different parts of the body, and different volumes and thickness of fatty tissue, including:

The 6 Hand Pieces of Cooltech

  • Straight HP – Used on fat deposits of 35mm on the stomach, sides of the body and inside of the knees or knee caps.
  • Curved HP - Used to treat fat deposits on curved areas of the body, such as sides of the stomach (love handles), on the back waists, above abdomen area (muffin tops), on the neck, hips and below the buttocks.
  • Tight HP - Used on smaller fat folds, which are less than 35mm, on the abdomen, hips back, and below the buttocks
  • Double HP – Created particularly for the treatment of stomach area in larger, more stretched parts where the fat deposits are bigger than 35mm.
  • Oval HP – Used to treat broader parts of fat folds, where the fat deposits are higher than 35mm, such as calves, fat deposits on the upper abdomen, sides, or love handles.
  • Tiny HP - This is exclusively designed for treating smaller areas and where the fat deposits are lesser than 35mm, such as for sub –scapula (bra bulges near the underarm) and upper arms (bingo wings) and for double chins.

The device enables the physician to use two hand pieces simultaneously during one treatment session, for e.g. on both sides of the body.